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2017 winners

by admin on May 22, 2017

NOTE:  Starting in 2018 Lycée Municipal de Tanda (Ivory Coast) is added; teachers from the four schools may apply for Summer Fellowships.

2017 Aderanti Adedeji, of Zaria Academy, Shika, Nigeria, has won our Summer Fellowship for an outstanding chemistry innovation. Students learn through contact with basic materials. Compounds and substances from everyday life are examined for their chemical content. Abstract formulas become more concrete, and, in addition, students see concrete daily reminders of their lesson. Cauley Greene, of Community Prep School, also won this Fellowship for innovative teachers. His teaching strategy is to demonstrate plot structures in fiction as basic shapes–often repeating in many different works. This helps students grasp and retain the narratives. It also sharpens their analytical skills, and gives them a tool for all future reading.

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