PHILOSOPHY AND LITERATURE. An anthology for high school and college, English and philosophy classes. Long in print from Harcourt Brace, now an inexpensive paperback.

Sales of this anthology–for high school and college work–help support our organization. The book was the original conception of the late Cameron Thompson, a philosopher, whom our Center honors.

The book has 600 pages and extensive help for student and teacher. English teachers will find that the philosophy sections “teach themselves.” We have heard from colleges and school districts around the country who say they are “married to” this text, and “cannot live without it.”


LITTERATURE MODERNE DU MONDE FRANCOPHONE. An anthology for high school and college French classes. A former McGraw-Hill text, now an inexpensive print-on-demand from (or order at Includes helpful introductions, vocabulary and exercises. Poetry, prose and drama from all around the francophone world, edited by an African literature specialist.

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