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About The Teachers’ Defense Fund

by admin on February 16, 2009

The TEACHERS’ DEFENSE FUND has also been instituted for the benefit of pre-university teachers. We can provide some assistance for teachers–primarily those without unions–who are dismissed unfairly and without due consideration of their rights.

We put teachers in touch with organizations which help with these cases. In some instances we can offer financial help with a legal case. This is most likely to take the form of filing fees and deposition costs, in order to remove these obstacles to finding a lawyer who will take the case pro bono.

Teachers who contact the Fund will be given advice in obtaining a lawyer, and will be asked to follow a series of steps, in order to 1) outline the case of dismissal 2) begin negotiations with an attorney and 3) put that attorney in touch with us.

The Fund offers an annual award for pro bono legal work that supports a teacher.