News 2013

John Kendall, of Rutgers Preparatory School, Somerset, NJ, won our Summer Fellowship for an innovative attempt to pare down the flood of technology in the classroom. He has selected a Webmarginalia function to post annotations of class reading by his English students. They (and other classes and teachers) will be able to view notes. Students can also use this function to prolong class discussion, and to include comments they did not have time to make in class.
Dru Markle-Bloom, of Donelson Middle School in Nashville, Tennessee, won for her curriculum on non-cognitive skills. Seeing so many under-privileged students come to school without the behaviors, receptiveness and attitudes that can help them learn, Markle-Bloom has created a course built around seven non-cognitive skills. Students will model these skills for each other, and even design ways of teaching them to each other.

NOTE: Starting with the 2014 Fellowships, the competition is open ONLY to three schoolsРthe Jacqueline M. Walsh High School for The Performing and Visual Arts, Pawtucket, RI (USA),  Zaria Academy, Shika, Nigeria and Community Prep, Providence, RI.  Teachers from each of those schools will compete for awards (one to each school).

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