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by admin on February 12, 2009

(created by the Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers)

This agreement is made this ( ) day of (month, year) by and between (school name)–hereinafter called “the school”– and (teacher name)–hereinafter called “the teacher”:

The school hereby employs the teacher for the academic year ( – ). The school agrees to pay the teacher the sum of ($ ) for the year’s services, (fraction) of which shall be payable (biweekly, monthly) commencing on September ( ) to August ( ) inclusive.

  • The teacher agrees to enter upon and perform the services of a teacher at the times and places prescribed by this agreement, and for the duration established by the teacher’s division head; to perform all duties of a teacher faithfully and satisfactorily, as directed by the Head of School, and in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Faculty Handbook; to comply with and abide by all rules, regulations, policies, methods, and professional standards promulgated by the school and its Faculty Handbook, and to comply with those standards promulgated by (religious affiliation, educational philosophy, or other guiding tenet of the school’s mission).
  • In addition to specific responsibilites assigned by the teacher’s division head, the teacher will have general responsibility shared by everyone for the welfare of the students and community. These include, but are not limited to: (list)
  • In addition to teaching duties of no more than ( ) sections, the teacher shall have such supervisory, coaching, advising and other duties as may be prescribed by the division head or the Head of School. These include, but may not be limited to: (list)
  • Re-employment under this contract may normally be considered automatic unless the teacher, or the school, is notified to the contrary no later than the first day of (February, or March), (following year).
  • The school’s renewal of this contract shall be at the discretion of and in the control of the Head of School, except to the extent that the school allows a dean of faculty or a peer advisory board to intervene in contract negotiations. The Head of School’s decision not to renew this contract, except when it is related to the safety and well-being of students and other members of the community, shall derive from the teacher’s failure to perform the duties or adhere to the standards established either in this contract or in the Faculty Handbook.
  • During the term of this contract, when the Head of School becomes aware of deficiencies in the teacher’s performance which might lead to non-renewal of this contract, the Head of School shall initiate the series of counseling steps prescribed by the Faculty Handbook, and continue these steps up to the minimum number therein prescribed, in an effort to improve the teacher’s performance. The Head shall inform the teacher of the content of the record that is kept of these counseling sessions.
  • The teacher’s signature at the bottom of the enclosed copy of this contract, presigned by (school official), indicates the teacher’s acceptance of its contents and his or her recognition that he or she has made a contract with (name of school).