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Summer Fellowship for Innovative Teachers


The Center believes in "from the ground up" educational reform. We believe that superior results are most likely achieved through the efforts of the individual teacher in the individual classroom. Our fellowships honor and support these teachers, while stimulating innovation. Applications for fellowships may emphasize innovation in pedagogical (acquisition) areas, or in motivational strategies, as well as ideas for curriculum reform.

Applicants must be active, full time, pre-university teachers. Summer activities covered by the fellowship should lead to implementation during the following school year.




NAME: ____________________________ CIRCLE ONE:   MRS   MS   DR   MR   _____


ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________


PHONE: (___)______________ DAY PHONE: (___)______________________


NAME OF SCHOOL: _________________________________________________


ADDRESS: ________________________________________________________


TYPE OF SCHOOL: __________________________________________________


NAME OF PRINCIPAL: ______________________________________________


APPLICANT'S TEACHING FIELD: _____________________________________


FIELD OF PROPOSAL: _______________________________________________







II A List the subjects you teach, and the grade levels. Mention class size, demographics and motivation level of students if these are relevant to your innovation.






B Describe your overall approach to teaching. If you have an eclectic method, mention the well known methods that contribute to it.











C Define--more specifically than on the cover page--the novelty of your approach. Define the pedagogical or motivational problem that it might address.





D If your innovation is in an experimental stage, explain how results will be evaluated. (Stress long term evaluation; short term covered in section F.)










If you feel your innovation has proven its worth, explain how you plan to replicate it for use by other teachers. (Respond to one item in this section.)










E Describe physical materials, research and consulting that have been part of--or will be part of--developing your classroom innovation. Your project may not require travel, materials or costs in these areas; our award recognizes only the promise of your idea, and will not be based on any financial needs.









F Describe in detail your plan for a classroom innovation. Use up to two pages, and please type this section. Be specific, and include answers to the following: 1) Are specific testing and measurement activities planned as part of implementing your idea? If you are re-plicating a successful innovation, what testing and measurement has been applied to it? 2) Is your idea based on past experiments in the classroom--yours or others'? 3) Is your idea based on research? (Please cite.)













III A Provide the names and addresses of your local newspapers






B Attach your resume and a list of any publications



C Have the 3 recommendation sheets returned to the Center by the March 31 deadline (you may want to provide stamped envelopes). One only may be given to a former student. Colleagues or administrators may write on your behalf, but the recommendation of administrators, or principals, is not necessary.



D Return 3 copies of this application (stapled) to the Center, post-marked no later than March 31, 2020. You should keep one copy for your records.

The Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers

178 Gano Street

Providence, RI 02906

(401) 621 9033


The Center may make no award in years when it does not receive a proposal that is judged to be innovative enough or sufficiently reform-oriented.



----Winners will be notified by May 20, 2020



You have been asked to recommend ____________________________ for a Summer Fellowship for Innovative Teachers, awarded by the Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers. The award carries a sizeable stipend. The Center makes these awards to honor teachers, and to recognize particular innovations. We emphasize innovative classroom technique, curriculum reform, or new ways to motivate students.

The candidate must be an active, full time, pre-university teacher. Please give some attention to his or her proposed innovation before writing.

We hope that your recommendation will reflect the energy and commitment of the candidate, as well as the positive effect that this teacher has on students. It is most important that you address the candidate's ability to make the proposed innovation work in the classroom. Use the back of this sheet if necessary. State your relationship to the candidate, and sign your recommendation.

Please mail to: The Murdock-Thompson Center for Teachers, 178 Gano Street, Providence, RI 02906 -- by March 31, 2020




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